Bus services on agenda in Duror and Kentallen

A typically business-like, and brisk, Duror and Kentallen Community Council meeting this evening with the future of the village nursery, lack of bus services and poor broadband speeds all discussed.

It is good news that the community council are assisting with, a Lochaber Transport Forum, survey of all residents in the area asking for resident’s views on local public transport. Living in a rural area, many of us take the use of a car for granted, but many people don’t have access to a car or feel that they can’t rely on neighbours or relatives to provide lifts. That leads to rural isolation, which can go undetected or unrecognised. Finding a range of flexible solutions, including the possibility of a scheduled bus service, is important for the dispersed residents of the various Duror and Kentallen communities. Volunteers, including me, will soon be knocking on doors inviting residents to fill out a quick survey form, to find out what public transport provision people wish to see.

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