Shovels at the ready!

The great and the good will descend upon Fort William on Monday morning, as they wave shovels around, in front of a newspaper photographer. What is the special occasion they are commemorating? What momentous event is occurring at Blar Mor? Has the new Tesco miraculously materialised without anyone noticing?

No, it is nothing as exciting as the grand opening of the long awaited out-of-town supermarket. Instead, it is just an excuse for a few dignitaries to get together for a turf cutting ceremony to launch the construction of our new police station. No doubt, the new facilities are important for our police and ambulance service. However, do we really need an invitation list that includes the Chairman of the Police Board, coming all the way from the Western Isles? On top of that, your seven local councillors are invited, along with four senior police officers and five managers from the police force and ambulance service. Then, there is a cosy little buffet lunch afterwards.

I won’t be attending!

In a few months’ time, the whole thing will be replicated, again, as the new station finally opens. If we are going to arrange anything, it should be then, when the whole community can come along as part of an open day. Why are we wasting time and money for a small group of “worthies” to do little more than say, “isn’t this wonderful” as they grin for next week’s edition of the Lochaber News?

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