Is Tesco ever coming to town?

In recent weeks, there has been lots of speculation about whether Tesco will come to Fort William. The following email from the Tesco corporate affairs team has just popped in to my inbox. It does nothing to dispel my fear that they are just land banking the site to prevent a competitor getting a new store on the West coast.

“We are still committed to delivering the new store at Blar Mhor. Build programmes for our developments have to be considered against other developments in the UK, and as part of our current store build programme, we are working towards opening our new store at Blar Mhor no earlier than 2015. Unfortunately, I do not have more specific dates at the moment, but I will update you and the community when I do.”

Meanwhile our town centre store continues to trade well, employs more than 50 people, and remains popular with customers. As you may be aware, we intend to continue to keep our town centre store open and trading once the Blar Mhor store opens in order to continue to serve customers in the town centre.”

Will Tesco ever come to the Blar? The answer, at the moment, seems to be no time soon.

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