Make your voice heard on Corran Ferry

Corran Ferry 2The Highland Council has started the long awaited social and economic impact study, to investigate the effect of eye-watering fare increases over the last twelve months. This is the study I requested at a Transport Committee, in March this year, when the changes to the fare structure was proposed. Sam MacNaughton, the officer responsible for the operation of the ferry, confirmed there would be a study undertaken. Of course, this should have happened BEFORE the latest set of increases was imposed at the beginning of November. Instead it was quietly forgotten and the fare changes pushed through without it.

The consultants appointed by Highland Council are undertaking an online survey, which is now available online. They are supplementing this with a telephone survey of local businesses. As local councillor, the consultants have also asked to discuss the ferry service with me. The first point I will be making is that many residents don’t have access to computers and expecting them to phone up for a paper version will limit the response rate. I will be requesting paper versions are distributed to shops and other places across the peninsula, so that as many people as possible are able to respond.

Please do encourage your family, friends and neighbours to complete the survey. This includes people who don’t live on the peninsula but visit the area or come here on holiday, as the fare increases affect these people too.

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