Bold plans for Inverailort Castle

Inverailort CastleChance for Change is an organisation that works with young people, helping them to develop further through a range of programmes in the UK, Malawi and Nepal. There is an emphasis on outdoor learning and wilderness activity. They are already have a base in the Lake District at Striding Edge Hostel and are looking to develop further in Lochaber. Inverailort Castle is the site for their new plans, there website explains more:

“Our vision for the redesign of Inverailort Castle is to keep as much of the external facade as possible; keep the internal staircase and doors with stenciling from the war years; and to develop a sympathetic design for the rest of the building which will include space for:

* A local post office

*  A museum dedicated to the history of Inverailort Castle

* A local Chapel

* A youth hostel

* A senior executive residential conference facility 

Chance for Change estimates that the redevelopment of Inverailort Castle along these lines will cost approximately £6m and will take three years to complete.”

So they can explain more about the plan to local people, they are holding a community open day at the castle on Saturday 8th March from 11am to 3pm, where you have the chance to ask questions and meet the project team.

photo credit: itmpa via photopin cc

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