Pothole patrol in Acharacle

English: Kentra Moss by Raelands. Kentra Moss ...

English: Kentra Moss by Raelands. Kentra Moss looking west with Raelands and Kentra just visible in the far distance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The state of three roads in the Acharacle area have been a concern for local residents for many months. The extremely wet winter has not helped either, with the  road surface deteriorating quickly and more deep potholes appearing – the Ardtoe, Kentra and Shielfoot roads have all suffered. Of course, this hasn’t been helped by the lack of ditch clearing in recent years, allowing surface water to pool on the road. Last year, Independent councillors attempted to get an extra £1 million into the roads budget to tackle ditch clearance and routine maintenance, but this fell on deaf ears in the administration. I am relieved that surfacing work on two of these road will take place in the next month: Kentra between 31st March and 4th April, with Shielfoot the following week, although this timetable may change if weather conditions are poor

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