Don’t forget it’s polling day

Polling StationToday is polling day for the European Elections with polling stations open from 7am through to 10pm this evening.

It might seem that this election has passed us by, here in Lochaber. I certainly haven’t seen any on the ground activity from any of the political parties, other than the normal election address delivered by Royal Mail. You might, like many others, be completely switched off by this election and politicians in general. That’s an understandable reaction, but elections are important. After all we are fortunate to live in a democracy and have the right to exercise a vote. I have travelled in many countries, and worked with many people, where they are unable to exercise that right, without intimidation or threat, freely.  That’s why I passionately believe, we should always take the opportunity to express our opinion through the ballot box.

Please remember to vote today, it only takes a few minutes out of your normal daily routine. And if you belong to that significant group of people who think it doesn’t make a difference, or that nothing will change, or that all politicians are the same – then consider taking positive action and go to the polling station and spoil your ballot paper. Can you imagine the reaction if thousands of people, who normally stay at home on polling day, did go and spoil their ballot paper in protest? It would certainly make the politicians sit up and notice.


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