European Election results from the Highlands

Polling StationThere were 65,307 votes cast in Highland in the five-yearly European Parliamentary Elections, a turnout of 36.3%. This included 20,204 postal votes.

These votes, counted on Sunday at the Highland Football Academy, Jubilee Park Road, Dingwall, were relayed to Scotland’s Regional Returning Officer, who collates the results from 32 local areas in Scotland and determines the six MEPs to represent Scotland.

In Highland, the Scottish National Party (SNP)  topped the poll with 19,810 votes. The Liberal Democrats were second with 12,189 votes, the Labour Party were third with 9,163 and the Conservative Party were fourth with 9,088 votes.

The Highland result of the Election to the Scotland Region of the European Parliament is as follows:

Party/Individual                                           Votes cast

Britain First                                                    755
British National Party                                       435
Conservative Party                                       9,088
Labour Party                                               9,163
Liberal Democrats                                       12,189
NO2EU                                                          294
Scottish Green Party                                     5,615
Scottish National Party                                 19,810
UK Independence Party (UKIP)                      7,818

Rejected votes                136
Total votes cast          65,307
% Turn out                36.3%

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