Ardsliginish landslip update

The Ardsliginish Landslip


Many residents in the Glenborrodale and Kilchoan, as well as the local community council, have been asking for an update about the work Highland Council carried out at the landslip at Ardsliginish. Following my request Cameron Kemp, the Area Community Services Manager, briefed Lochaber councillors at their fortnightly ward business meeting this week. This is the update he provided:

Following the landslip on 13 March, work was undertaken to clear the debris and stabilise the situation.  Rock has been placed at the toe of the slope to prevent the flow of slurry onto the road while at the same time allowing drainage of excess surface water and groundwater.The site was visited on 20 May and inspected.  This showed vegetation growth  across the slip area which will have the effect of stabilising the failure zone.

We will continue to monitor the area to check on the pattern of water flow on the slope.  We do not plan to carry out any further work at this stage, but should there be any significant change then we will  take action, as appropriate.

Cameron Kemp, Area Community Services Manager

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