Road safety on agenda in Glencoe

English: Old Glencoe road Looking up the Old G...

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Road safety issues were under discussion at last night’s community council meeting in Glencoe as we discussed the latest completed section of the orbital path around the village. The new section takes walkers and cyclists off the single track Clachaig Road, this is especially important along the section between the campsite and hostels to the Clachaig Inn. Drive along that bit on any summer evening and you will see a steady stream of visitors trudging towards the Clachaig for a drink. However, there is concern that motorists may not be aware of the various crossing points along the road and some signs need to be erected by Highland Council, warning motorists of cyclists and pedestrians crossing the road. I have asked our road safety officer to have a look and see what signs we need on this stretch. Other points raised about the Clachaig Road, included the need to replace the white lines, particularly along the verges following resurfacing earlier this year, and the possibility of introducing a 30mph speed limit.

There are plans for a 20mph speed limit through the village itself, something the community council supports. I am always surprised at how fast drivers go along this road; especially as for much of its length it is effectively single-track alongside parked cars. Applying for and implementing the necessary road traffic orders needed to reduce a speed limit, seems to take an eternity, so I have asked council officers to confirm the current timetable to see how we can “speed” it up.

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