Offenders set to work on knotty problem

9740823319_2bcf04a6fb_zCouncillors are providing funding to start eradicating Japanese Knotweed along the banks of Loch Linnhe, as you approach Fort William. The project is being run by the Lochaber Fisheries Trust, and will train offenders serving Community Payback Orders to tackle the highly invasive plant that can cause significant damage to roads, building and native wildlife. The £4000 grant will help fund the specialist chemical injection kits and necessary training, which is seen as one of the best ways of killing knotweed.

We have a massive problem in Lochaber, with knotweed spreading at an alarming rate. This project will deal with only a relatively small problem area. However, it should demonstrate the most effective method of control. We will need significant extra resources to start getting to the root of this knotty problem.

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