Jetpatcher set to tackle local potholes

2015-03-18 10.50.40The winter weather over the last two years, has had an enormous impact on the road surface along the B863 between North Ballachulish – Kinlochleven – Glencoe. Some limited repairs were undertaken last summer, but I continue to push for more substantial work. Lots of new potholes have appeared over the last few months that need repairing. I have now been told that the road will be repaired by the council’s jetpatcher. You can read about this technique here. It’s an expensive bit of a kit. So we have to wait our turn for it, but it is working on roads in the West at the moment. And with the fine, drier weather we have been experiencing recently, it should get through a lot of potholes.

It still doesn’t get away from the fact that we aren’t spending enough on the routine maintenance of our roads, something independent councillors raised again in Inverness last week. The council in neighbouring Argyll and Bute has seen a massive improvement in road conditions in the last few years. The simple reason to their success, is they have made it a priority and invested the money for repairs

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