BEAR Scotland listen to local opinion on road closure

A82 Glencoe ClosureYou would think, after previous public outcries about short-notice overnight road closures on the A82 that BEAR Scotland would be particularly attuned to local opinion by now. How wrong! Instead they come up with a plan for overnight closures on the A82 through Glencoe in the week running up to the Pre-65 Trials and the Six Day Trials. A complete road clsoure starting at 7pm every evening would have been inconvenient enough for Lochaber residents. For competitors and spectators arriving ahead of the trails, it would have created a travel nightmare, with many facing long-delays after journeys from the South of England or even continental Europe. Yes, the roadworks are important after damage caused by winter weather, but why pick one of the busiest weeks in the Lochaber calendar. Surely, both BEAR Scotland and Trasnport Scotland weren’t blithely unaware of these two annual events? Fortunately, after lobbying from local councillors and other community representatives a compromise has been reached with the road closure starting later at 9pm. I would have preferred a later start time of 10pm, but at least there will be hourly access through the closure by convoy. You can read more about this story in the Press and Journal.

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