£30,000 up for grabs in public vote

£30k particpatory budget£30,000 is up for grabs in a new participatory budgeting fund launched by Lochaber councillors this week. Instead of only councillors deciding how their ward discretionary budget is spent, we’ve set aside this substantial proportion for local residents to decide during a public vote in September. This follows a successful pilot last year when young people decided the priorities.

This time round, the funding pot is bigger, but we are aiming part of the funding towards specific geographical areas. Applications are invited from groups or organisations in one of the four school catchment areas in Lochaber – Ardnamurchan, Kinlochleven, Lochaber High and Mallaig. This means more rural areas shouldn’t be disadvantaged in the public vote, ensuring money can still go to projects in those areas. Projects covering a wider area can bid for money from a pan-Lochaber fund.  The most important criteria are that any project must support activity, which improves the lives of people living in Lochaber.

An application form is available here, which should be completed after considering the funding guidelines here.

2 thoughts on “£30,000 up for grabs in public vote

    • Hi Sue,
      You make a fair point, but this is money allocated to Lochaber councillors as part of the ward discretionary budget, aimed at supporting community projects.It’s been used for lots of smaller scale local projects or to top up funds for larger projects. We’ve just decided that instead of us deciding how it all should be spent, communities should have a say. We’re hoping that more groups will also apply and have a go, rather than those who seem to come back to us every year.
      You should have had my letter sent to all Pier Road residents about the road surface. I have been talking to the roads engineer this week and I hope to provide another update in the next few days.

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