More info needed when Corran Ferry disrupted

Corran Ferry 2Whenever there is disruption to the Corran Ferry, because of bad weather or an accident nearby on the A82, Lochaber residents inevitably turn to the council for information. After the last major disruption, I asked for a review of how the council communicates service information, because of complaints from local communities.

That review is ongoing, but an initial response was the set-up of a Twitter account, updated by ferry staff with real-time information whenever there is any disruption. Likewise, there will be service information on the council’s main Facebook page. Finding Corran Ferry information on the council’s website is difficult, although service information is now available here. I’ve asked for any information to be prominently displayed on the council’s homepage.

Other possible improvements include switching the electronic information panel at the Salen junction on remotely, rather than waiting for an officer to do so manually as happens now. Transport Scotland has been contacted to review the lack of information on their overhead panels on the A82. The council contacted them immediately during the last major disruption, but no information appeared on their boards. I’ve asked for better information at either slipway. Officers are obtaining quotes for visual display panels, as well as exploring other low-tech options.

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