Historic graveyard knocked apart by council


Some people could ask is a stone wall really that important. Others would suggest the council shouldn’t spend money on replacing like for like. That was pretty much the attitude of my councillor colleagues when I tried to persuade them to replace the wall at this historic graveyard with another stone wall. Yet, one councillor told me, “Well, it doesn’t really matter as you can’t see it from the road.”  Yes, it does matter, because this graveyard which was originally attached to the Telford Church in the village and is an important place for Stewart family burials, has now lost its integrity. A stone wall has been demolished, to be replaced by a wire and post fence.

We all understand that public finances are overstretched at the moment, and councils are having to make difficult funding choices. However, with some imagination and assistance from the local community, we could have found a way to have restored this wall correctly. Instead, the stone and slate are laying on the foreshore near Invercoe, gone to waste when it could have been re-used to build a new wall.

One thought on “Historic graveyard knocked apart by council

  1. if you were to invite “Royalty” to see endangered/threatened parts of the environment, money would be found for any repairs necessary. Just don’t let Royalty anywhere near threatened animals or birds!

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