Supporting community in historic graveyard transfer

Last autumn, the council sanctioned what was tantamount to vandalism to a stone wall alongside the historic Craig Mhor graveyard in Onich. They planned to do so with no consultation or discussion with the local community, who could have found a quick solution to any supposed health and safety fears. Despite my vocal opposition, my then council colleagues decided to bulldoze the proposal through only to see the stone dumped on the lochside in Glencoe. Following a public outcry, they then had to stump up the cash to transport the stone back to Onich so that the community council could arrange to rebuild the wall and replace the out-of-place post-and-wire fence. This story in the Lochaber Times updates the story with the community’s plans to take responsibility for the graveyard from the Highland Council.

2 thoughts on “Supporting community in historic graveyard transfer

  1. Lovely old graveyard, and resting place if Nether Lochaber. A friend and I used to regularly strum the grass in it, and generally tidy it up. It’s a bit of a hidden gem.

  2. Forgive, gentle reader, my appalling typos. Should read “of Nether Lochaber” and we strimmed, not strummed, the grass.

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